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BHR Hair Transplant Academy / Training Course / 30 May - 01 June 2024


A 3-day TRAINING COURSE fully-designed and directed by Dr. Bisanga, world renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon
30 May - 01 June 2024 Athens


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Welcome to BHR Hair Transplant Academy Training Course in Athens

Dr. Bisanga has been practicing in the field of hair transplantation for more than 20 years.

He is the Former President of FUE Europe Society and he has trained many hair transplant surgeons around the globe.

In May 2024 Dr. Bisanga, for the first time, will organize a course fully-designed and directed by him as well as the hair transplant surgeons who have partnered with him in BHR clinics.

The entire curriculum of the course is designed based on doctors’ requests about what they need to know according to their level of experience. Offering at the same time the opportunity to learn from Dr. Bisanga’s valuable lifelong experience.


A 3-day training course covering all topics of FUE procedure that a doctor needs to know

Day 1

The first day involves exclusively lectures from early morning until the afternoon at the conference hall of the anatomy lab. The lecture program will include all topics of FUE surgery. The flow of the lectures will follow the sequence of actions taken on a typical surgery day. The lectures will cover patient’s consultation, design of the surgery, documentation, local anaesthesia, punching, graft collection, graft preparation and selection, recipient area design and sites and finally graft placement. Additionally there will be lectures on instrumentation for punching, graft harvesting, site preparation and placement. Also, marketing and social media lecture for new clinics and lecture for post-op care. The day will end with live patients consultations and surgery design with Dr. Bisanga.

Day 2

The second day is devoted on training on fresh frozen cephalic cadavers. The training program includes a session of local anaesthesia, several sessions of graft harvesting with FUE method and site preparation. There will be a limited number of trainees at each station in order to achieve the maximum time of involvement and hands-on experience.

Day 3

The third and last day constitutes of live surgeries at BHR Clinic. The aim of this day is the trainees to gain experience and knowledge under real time surgery conditions. The surgeries will be guided by Dr.Bisanga and faculty members of the course. As in Day 2 there will be a limited number of doctors per surgery room in order to have enough time for each doctor to get involved in the surgery during the whole day.

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Last but not least, Athens is a famous historical city. In the summer it also becomes one of the most popular European destinations for an incredible holiday.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens next June!


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5,500 €

Until 15 March '24


6000 €

Normal Fee Price

*Registration fee includes:
-Transportation from suggested hotels to Anatomy Lab (day 1 and 2)
-Coffee and lunch breaks (day 1, 2 and 3)


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    A team of accomplished Hair Transplant Surgeons

    Dr. Aronov Miri is an international dermatologist with a specialty in hair transplant and trichology and a Co-Managing Partner BHR Israel.

    Dr. Aronov is a European licensed MD, graduated from the university of Szeged in Hungary.

    She completed her dermatology residency in Soroka medical center, Israel.

    Since 2018, she is practicing hair transplant in Israel and Europe. Dr. Aronov, together with her notorious mentor Dr. Bisanga, is a great advocate of the FUE method which brings the truest and most natural results.

    In Parallel, Dr Aronov is treating various dermatological conditions of the community in the southern part of Israel.

    Dr. Kyparissou is a certified Dermatologist graduated from the Medical School of the University of Patras with post graduate studies in anatomy and dermatologic surgery at the University of San Diego in California.

    Her internship in Dermatology started at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and continued at Syggros University Hospital for Skin and Venereal Diseases in Athens. There, she was first in her year and won a scholarship for the Dermatology Department of the Colorado University Hospital in Denver. While she was there, she had the opportunity to further enhance her knowledge in clinical dermatology, oncology of the skin and cosmetic dermatology but most importantly she had her first encounter with Hair Transplantation by meeting Dr Harris, one of the pioneers of the field.

    She pursued her interest in hair transplantation with further studies at the University of Saint Louis in USA, as well as various other specialized courses in Europe. She subsequently met with Dr. Bisanga who became her mentor and soon afterwards their collaboration started. Together with Dr. Venetsanos and Dr. Bisanga they co-founded BHR Clinic Athens.

    At present, she is the Medical Director of BHR Clinic Athens, performing many hair transplantations together with Dr. Venetsanos, she runs a private dermatology practice, and she is a visiting doctor at Mitera Private Hospital in Athens.

    Ioannis Venetsanos is a board-certified Dermatologist located in Athens. He runs three practices, and he is a co-owner of laser and dermatological clinics at the region of Athens as well as other cities of Greece. He is a second-generation doctor in hair restoration surgery, as his father was a pioneer in hair transplantation in Greece.

    Being inspired by the work of his father Dr.Venetsanos with his team has been active as a hair surgeon for more than 17 years performing several hundreds of hair transplantation since 2005 using the FUT method. Since 2017 practices alongside with Dr.Kyparissou and specially trained nurses on FUE method. Other fields of interest are dermatological surgery, laser treatments, dermoscopy and clinical dermatology.

    Dr Zenaty is an international hair transplant surgeon trained by Dr. Christian Bisanga.

    After graduating with honors from Medical School in Hungary in 2009, he successfully worked as an Emergency room Physician. He completed with outstanding achievements his residency in Dermatology in Soroka, Israel.

    As a Dermatologist, he developed a special interest in hair transplantation surgery.

    He has been trained since 2018 in hair transplant by one of the most respected and best hair transplant surgeons in the world, Dr. Christian Bisanga.

    Since then, he has performed surgeries and has many satisfied clients with natural and impressive results.

    Dr. Zenaty is the co-founder of the BHR Clinic Israel.


    Things you need to know

    DAY 1 & DAY 2

    Anatomy Training Lab Athens

    35 Sorou str. 15125 Maroussi, Athens - Greece

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    DAY 3

    BHR Clinic Athens

    45 Michalakopoulou str. 11528 Athens Greece 1st floor

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    Shuttle bus service from below hotels to Anatomy Training Lab Athens on Day 1 and Day 2 is included in the registration fee.

    On Day 3, the training course takes place at BHR Clinic Athens a few minutes ' walk from the hotels below.

    Crowne Plaza Athens - City Centre Airotel Stratos Vassilikos Hotel Divani Caravel Hotel